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With advice from certified personal trainers you can gain access to a variety of fitness advice aimed at all levels of experience. Whether you’re wanting to discover the secrets to a healthy body or how to get the best results from your workouts we’ve got you covered. Covering topics such as HIIT exercises, workout plans, visceral fat and healthy heart tips, it’s never been easier to access and motivate yourself to reach your fitness and health goals.



Your guide to DNA fitness testing

Want to understand more about how your genetics can affect your fitness and exercise? Our fitness DNA tests will tell you everything you need to know.


A person at home doing a plank fitness test.

Are you fit enough? Try these home fitness tests

Assess your current fitness level with these home fitness tests, designed to measure your muscular strength, aerobic endurance, flexibility, and more. We explore some basic fitness tests, to more advanced ones, including seated options.


Exercise to energise: how to move more everyday

From learning about aerobic exercise and strength training and how to improve your flexibility to ideas for a workout routine for beginners, our well rounded exercise guide is bursting with fitness tips, no matter what level you’re at.

A Caucasian family, a man and a woman in the background and a young smiling boy and girl in front wearing helmets and cycling through a wooded area to represent the benefits of cycling

What are the main benefits of cycling?

From the physical and mental health benefits of cycling, to the environmental and financial advantages, we cycle through the pros of this exercise, including the one drawback.

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