COVID-19 Symptom Map

Together we can understand, track and beat COVID-19. Download the Evergreen Life app for free and help us fight the virus.

The more people that contribute to the heat map, the more accurate and useful it becomes.

These maps are based on information provided by 25,486 Evergreen Life users. The number of users completing the COVID Check is growing every day. The more information the Evergreen Life community provide, the more these visualisations can teach the nation about the virus and its spread.
The data uses information provided by 25,486 Evergreen Life users. As there are more users responding in some areas than in others, the map information is a stronger reflection of the true percentages in some areas than others. Where there is insufficient data to be confident of the true percentage, we have highlighted the area in lilac – we define ‘insufficient data’ as an estimated size of the (beta distributed) error exceeding 10%. We are doing more statistical work to adjust these maps to reflect the proportions of symptoms as a proportion of the population and the mix of age groups living in different areas. The statistical analysis is being done by Evergreen Life in partnership with the University of Manchester's Department of Mathematics, University of Liverpool’s Department of Electrical Engineering and Institute of Population Health Sciences.  

Here's how to take part

Whether you have symptoms or not, we encourage everyone to help support this project by taking the COVID Check in the Evergreen Life app. It only takes a few minutes, is completely free and will help us build an accurate national picture which can help track the outbreak.

We’ll be sending notifications to take our COVID Check regularly and encourage anyone who has already answered to do so again, so we can track the change in symptoms and more over time.
A message from our CEO:
"Thanks to our users, we are creating a live, publicly-available heat map of people with COVID-19 symptoms, providing a national picture of the outbreak now that mass testing has been put on hold. Viewed over time, the data should reveal both the extent of the symptoms, but also how they may be moving around the UK. From this exercise we will also be able to personalise your content to help you get the best advice at this critical time.
"You can help us track and fight against the spread of Covid 19 by joining the thousands of people across the UK reporting their symptoms in our app. Please consider downloading Evergreen Life and lending the support of your friends and family. As always with Evergreen the system is anonymous.

Thank you."
Stephen Critchlow, CEO

Prepare for COVID-19 now

To contribute to this project please Download our app and tap the Records section on the home screen. Then simply take the Heathy at home check to help us fight the spread of Covid-19!