DNA Diet Testing

Whether you want to lose weight, feel great or just be healthier, your diet plays a major part in your lifestyle and overall health.  There’s so much information out there about different diets, it’s always hard to find the type of diet best suited for you.

With Evergreen Life DNA Diet Testing, you can go one step further to make an informed decision about the right things to eat for you and your body.

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Our DNA Diet test

Our DNA diet test can tell you how you might react to what you eat and drink including;

Caffeine consumption and metabolism

Are you the kind of person that enjoys a lot of caffeine? Should you be cutting down? Knowing about your caffeine metabolism and when you consume it can help you to understand if caffeine may be interrupting your sleep.

Salt craving

Are you someone who is more sensitive to bitter tastes than others and could you be masking the bitterness with salty foods that could be impacting your health?

Risk of vitamin deficiencies

Is there something missing from your diet? Could your tiredness be due to a risk of a particular vitamin deficiency? We can help you decide if you need to increase or maintain your intake of particular nutrients with our DNA diet testing service.

Alcohol flush reaction

Ever feel flushed when you’ve had a tipple or two? Could your alcohol metabolism be causing your face to flush, or be responsible for other unwanted side effects?

Read more around this topic in our alcohol flush reactions blog.

Risk of lactose intolerance

Unsure whether you should be consuming less dairy? Can your genetics explain a likelihood for lactose intolerance?

Discover more about the inner you

We also have DNA testing kits to help you find out more about your fitness, metabolism and skin. Why not order all four, you can get more value for your money and your insights by ordering a full DNA testing kit.


Our Evergreen Life DNA Fitness Test can help you tailor your fitness to what will suit and work for you best

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Our Evergreen Life DNA Metabolism Test can help you understand how your metabolism can affect your weight

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Learn how you can refocus and learn how to protect your skin with our Evergreen Life DNA skin test based on your genetic makeup

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As well as your DNA insights, the app gives you control of your health, fitness and wellbeing. Whether you want to book a GP appointment, order a repeat prescription or keep track of your measurements, you can do it all in Evergreen Life.

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Start your own journey of self-discovery, order your DNA test today and make your first step to discover the inner you. You can order just the diet DNA test or a full DNA test covering not only diet but fitness, metabolism and skin.

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