Personalising health and wellbeing in Bradford with the Evergreen Life app

Jane Patrickson, practice nurse and nurse lead for the self-care and prevention team for Bradford CCGs, chatted to Bradford BCB radio about the new digital healthcare solution for social prescribing being piloted with Evergreen Life in the Bradford area.

How is the new social prescribing pilot helping to personalise health and wellbeing? When will it be available? And as Evergreen Life already has almost 500,000 users across the UK, how can it help you to take control of your health today? Listen back to the radio show here:

What is Evergreen Life?

Evergreen Life’s personal health record app helps people take more control over their health and wellbeing. Evergreen Life offers NHS-assured online GP services including access to GP records, booking doctor’s appointments and ordering repeat prescriptions. Within the app, people can also monitor their own health conditions, set medication reminders, and track their health and fitness.

“It’s very straightforward to use, and that’s me talking from personal experience. I’ve downloaded it, linked it with my GP record, I’ve booked appointments, cancelled appointments – so it’s really user friendly” – Jane Patrickson, Bradford practice nurse

What Evergreen Life is doing differently is that they’re also bringing a new functionality that people can access community services in their local area to help them manage their health conditions and allow them to self-care. It’s called social prescribing.

What is social prescribing?

Social prescribing links people with groups, organisations and activities in their communities using the information contained within GP records. For example, if a patient with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder (COPD) books an appointment online or orders a repeat prescription, they’re matched with non-medical activities that have been shown to benefit the condition such as local choir groups, swimming sessions or walking groups.

This social prescribing tool is just being piloted in 3 Bradford GP practices, but this additional functionality should be available to everybody quite soon.

How can we ensure our data is safe with these new apps?

With any app that allows you to see your medical record, security is really important. To link the app to your medical record, you’ll need to go to a GP surgery to get a code. To be on the safe side, you’ll need your ID to make sure it’s just you who’s getting your online access. Check out our step-by-step guide to linking to your GP practice.

Take control of your health today

With Evergreen Life, almost everyone in England can book appointments, order repeat prescriptions and view their GP record online. Take control of your health today. Download the app.

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