Evergreen Life at the forefront of ‘Patient Powered Decade’


Evergreen Life at the forefront of ‘Patient Powered Decade’

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Evergreen Life is already providing online GP services with their personal health record app. Using their expertise, they’re also working with the NHS to deliver a platform which will enable everyone in England to use online GP services through the nhs.uk, as announced by Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt at the NHS Health and Care Innovation Expo this week.

In his keynote speech on Tuesday 12th September, Hunt announced several digital initiatives which the NHS would be delivering in the next year, to ensure that the next decade would be recognised as ‘Patient-Powered’ – giving patients control of their own care, at their fingertips.

One of these initiatives was to provide online GP services through nhs.uk, to give a consistent process to patients looking for these services through the nhs.uk website. NHS Digital selected Evergreen Life as their partner to develop the solution, and have been working closely together since the start of the year. Pilot projects are currently underway, with three-month pilots starting at the beginning of September.

Evergreen is proof digital platforms are a success

The success of the Evergreen Life app is proof that digital platforms are already making a positive impact for people and the NHS alike. It is the first app to satisfy the assessment criteria on the NHS Apps Library that offers patient-facing services across all three major GP systems in England, giving 99% of the population access to their GP electronic medical records.  With over 250,000 users having already completed 5 million GP transactions such as book online appointments and order repeat prescriptions online, people are already taking control of their own health and wellness through Evergreen Life’s personal health record.

Stephen Critchlow, the founder of Evergreen Life, said:

“It’s fantastic to have a quarter of a million users so quickly, following our integration with NHS Digital. Our app is built upon one clear idea: ‘people powered health’. We allow people to own all their health information, giving them control and the ability to make informed decisions about their own healthcare. The app allows people to monitor their health and fitness; record allergies, medications and their medical history; and record medical documents and letters, for reference by both the user and their GP or relevant practitioner.

“We already have fantastic examples of Evergreen Life users taking control of their health. One lady used her phone to brief a meeting of seven clinicians, none of whom had access to all of her up to date records. The ability to have all personal health record information accessible at all times is changing healthcare. ”

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