Evergreen Life give people their most accurate medicines record


Evergreen Life give people their most accurate medicines record

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Evergreen Life, Manchester-based personal health app provider, is revolutionising the way people manage their medications. By combining GP medications information into their own health information, people will have the most up to date and accurate record of their medications in their personal health record. People will be able to manage their medicines better with the medicines diary and reminder, giving them control of their own health.

It is estimated that over 30% of drugs that are dispensed by GPs are not taken as intended. The latest update in the Evergreen Life app pulls GP medications automatically into the personal health record, giving people the ability to review their medicines prescribed by their GP, indicate whether they’re taking them, and set reminders for those medications they are taking.

Dr Brian Fisher, GP in South West London and Strategic Director at Evergreen Life, commented “this latest update to Evergreen Life is hugely beneficial to both patients and GPs. As a GP, I’ll now be able to quickly understand what patients are taking, and they’ll be able to provide me with evidence that they’ve taken the medicines through their medicines diary. This improves communication between me and my patients and helps me identify any contraindications that may occur between medicines I’ve prescribed and any other medicines my patients may be taking. Ultimately, we’re improving outcomes in medicines safety and adherence, and providing the most accurate medicines record.”

Over 400,000 people are using Evergreen Life today, of which over a quarter million are already linked to their GP record through their Evergreen Life personal health record. The app combines key health information including medications, conditions, and health and fitness measurements. Evergreen Life is the only app to be connected to all three major GP systems in England, so the potential to help improve medications adherence and safety is huge across the nation.

Stephen Critchlow, CEO of Evergreen Life, commented “At Evergreen Life, our vision is to enable people to take control of their own health information in one record, in the palm of their hand, and to share that with whoever they want. Our latest update to medications is one of the key steps to achieving that. Often people forget what medications they should take, they get administered medicines from other locations such as hospital or chemists, or they may have a carer who needs this information to help them with their medicines – all of which can lead to medicine wastage, errors and out of date records.

By giving people more control over their medications, and the ability to share their personal health record with others who may help with their care, we will have the most accurate record of what medicines a person is taking. This, combined with the evidence of taking the medicines – could there be anything more accurate?”

The Evergreen Life app is available to download in Apple App Store and Google Play store.