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Over 90% of England’s population can now access GP record with Evergreen Life

Now more than 90% of people in England can have access to their medical records via the Evergreen Life app, which enables people to book appointments online and order repeat prescriptions.

Evergreen Life linked to the EMIS GP system in July 2016 which enabled about 50% of GP practices in England to link to the app. The latest go live with the TPP GP system brings that coverage to over 90% of the population in England. Full nationwide coverage is expected soon, with the other major GP system provider, INPS to go live later this summer. Evergreen Life is the first provider to offer this service across multiple GP systems.

Take control of your own health

Evergreen Life gives people control of their own medical record, as well as providing a comprehensive personal health record where they can keep their own health information up to date. They can share their record with loved ones, carers and health professionals through the Share and Care function of Evergreen Life, ensuring that all people involved in their care have the right information at the right time.

By enabling people to combine their own health data with their GP record, they have more control of their health, fitness and wellbeing. Evergreen Life want to empower patients to be proactive in their own care, and to eliminate time spent on the phone and wasted trips to the surgery.

GPs save time in the surgery

GPs will also be able to save time by a reduced number of phone calls for appointments and repeat prescriptions, as well as minimising the chances of important medical data being delayed or misplaced. If 30% of patients looked at their full GP record at least twice a year, a practice is likely to save 10% of appointments and hundreds of telephone calls. People booking appointments and repeat prescriptions online will increase time-saving even further.

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The Evergreen Life personal health record is available via Apple, Android or desktop platforms.  Why not download today and find out how you can take control of your own health.

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