Our Health and Wellness Experts

Meet our team of Health and Wellness Experts who are passionate about empowering others on their wellbeing journey.

Meet the experts

Doctor Brian Fisher MBBCh MBE MSc FRSA, Clinical Director at Evergreen Life and GP.

Dr Brian Fisher

Clinical Director at Evergreen Life, and a Medical Expert with more than 42 years’ experience as a GP. Brian supports people in staying as fit and well as possible by

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Mr Michael Savvas FRCOG

Consultant Gynaecologist and Women’s Health Expert at Evergreen Life. Michael Savvas’ current position is Consultant Gynaecologist at King’s College Hospital. He has a special interest in the menopause and HRT

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Dr Claire Marie Thomas wellness expert profile photo

Dr Claire Marie Thomas

Meet Dr Claire Marie Thomas, Clinical Content Lead and Medical Expert at Evergreen Life. Claire is a dedicated General Practitioner, with a passion for lifestyle/integrative medicine, women’s health, quality improvement

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Dr. Farrah Leigh Winterbottom

Head of Scientific Testing and our Genetic Expert at Evergreen Life. Farrah is a scientist with over 18 years of laboratory experience and several years of experience in leading teams

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Ingrid Kitzing, Nutritional Expert

Ingrid Kitzing

Nutrition Expert here at Evergreen Life. She is passionate about helping people bring healthy and nutritious food into their lives. Ingrid studied Chinese at Edinburgh University and began her working

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Nicky Verity Wellbeing Researcher at Evergreen Life

Nicky Verity

Wellbeing researcher at Evergreen Life. Nicky previously worked as a clinical pharmacist and is now a qualified Human Potential Coach, committed to empowering others to help themselves. Her role as

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Lois Leclerc Content Writer and Nutrition Expert at Evergreen Life

Lois Leclerc

Meet Lois, Content Writer and Nutrition Expert at Evergreen Life. She trained in Nutritional Therapy at the Institute for Optimum Nutrition and is currently completing her MSc in Clinical Nutrition.

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Anna Keeble Wellness Expert at Evergreen Life

Anna Keeble

Head of Content and Wellbeing Expert at Evergreen Life. Anna’s focus for the last 15 years has been on helping individuals make the changes they need to support their mental

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Matthew Simms

Meet Mr Matthew Simms, Consultant Urologist and our Men’s Health Expert at Evergreen Life. Matthew qualified in Sheffield in 1993 and after house positions, completed basic surgical training in Nottingham

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Professor John Mattick

Chief Scientific Advisor at Evergreen Life, and our Genetic Expert. John Mattick is Professor of RNA Biology at UNSW Sydney, and one of the world’s foremost experts in the field.

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Stephen Critchlow

Founder, CEO and Chair of Wellbeing Team at Evergreen Life. He is a Health IT Expert and former NHS pharmacist. Stephen started his career as a clinical pharmacist and is

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Your wellbeing journey

We know how important it is that you feel well – so you can do the things you enjoy every day. Whatever your goal, we’d like to help you better understand your own wellness with personalised information, so you can be as well as you can be.

Personalise your choices

Traditional medicine diagnoses and treats disease, but this is applied to the population as a whole – only some people will end up benefiting from this approach.

Reducing, avoiding and even treating most sickness can be achieved through simple diet and lifestyle choices.

Our Wellness Experts are here to help you

Our team of Wellness Experts have been established to help you personalise your approach to health and wellbeing, taking into account the answers to your Wellness Checks, your medical record, your personal health record, and your genetics (if you’ve done our DNA test).

Your starting point? Your Wellness Score. It indicates how well you are and combines views from each of our Wellness Experts with questionnaires that are researched, referenced and reviewed by this team. Once you’ve completed this, we’ll start sending you personalised content to help you get the health and wellness you want and deserve.

Evergreen Life may receive funding from affiliates. We may offer links to products or services if our research shows it could be beneficial for you. But we’re always committed to delivering questionnaires and articles driven only by the research of our in-house Wellness Experts. We do not take any funding to promote any product or service.