Meet the wellness experts

Dr. Farrah Leigh Winterbottom

Head of Scientific Testing

Meet Dr. Farrah Leigh Winterbottom, Head of Scientific Testing and our Genetic Expert at Evergreen Life.


Farrah is a scientist with over 18 years of laboratory experience and several years of experience in leading teams and projects focused on how our genetics affect our health.

Farrah’s background started within the field of developmental biology looking at how our bodies develop. She then branched out into designing and executing genetic tests within a research and clinical diagnostic framework, with an emphasis on oncology (cancer-related genetics) and infectious diseases.

Her current role at Evergreen Life is to develop and lead scientific testing to ensure our users can stay as well as possible, for as long as possible, based on their genetics, and other biological factors.


PhD in Molecular Biology

BSc 1st Class (Hons) in Genome Science



Interests & Specialisms

Farrah has worked with different teams, including clinical research organisations, and academic institutions specialising in genetic diagnostics, biomarker discovery, drug development, gene expression and pharmacogenomics.