Meet the wellness experts

Roisin McCann

Content Manager

Meet Roisin McCann, Content Manager at Evergreen Life.


Roisin is a BA English and MSc Marketing graduate who’s part of the Evergreen Life Wellbeing Team. Passionate about health and wellness, she was delighted to join the Evergreen Life team in 2017 and start helping people achieve the health and wellbeing they want. In her role as Content Manager, she works alongside our Content Writers and Wellness Experts to deliver high-quality information through our app and website that’s practical, relatable, and based on the latest research.


  • BA English, University of Birmingham
  • MSc Marketing, University of Birmingham



Interests & Specialisms

She has a particular interest in language and the art of communicating complex ideas in a digestible, logical, and down-to-earth way, helping to map out and build the in-app questionnaires on a range of wellbeing topics from sleep to the gut microbiome.

Eager to learn more while delving into new topic areas, she also loves to apply what we discover to her everyday life. For example, Roisin enjoys experimenting with new recipes and ingredients, especially aiming to get at least 30 different plant foods in each week to nourish those clever gut bugs!