Meet the wellness experts

Stephen Critchlow

Founder, CEO and Chair of Wellbeing Team

Meet Stephen Critchlow, Founder, CEO and Chair of Wellbeing Team at Evergreen Life. He is a Health IT Expert and former NHS pharmacist.


Stephen started his career as a clinical pharmacist and is now passionate about the underlying causes of ill health and how to improve wellbeing. His experience includes chairing a drug and therapeutics committee in the NHS. This helps him bring together the differing views of wellness from the medical profession, the world of alternative medicine, and advice given to us by personal trainers, all of whom are represented in the wellbeing team.

His second degree studied the impact of genetics on the metabolism of drugs, and he went on to lead a team that delivered a national Total Parenteral Nutrition System where he learned the fundamentals of nutrition. This system continued to be used internationally. He sees his job to ensure any information offered within the app has been referenced and provided to users without any agenda or bias.




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