Meet the wellness experts

Stephen Critchlow

Founder, CEO and Chair of Wellbeing Team

Meet Stephen Critchlow, Founder, CEO and Chair of Wellbeing Team at Evergreen Life. He is a Health IT Expert and former NHS pharmacist.


Stephen started his career as a clinical pharmacist and is now passionate about the underlying causes of ill health and how to remain well for as long as we can. He left the NHS to foundAscribe which provided Health IT to 75% of UK hospitals as well as Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Malaysia and trades as EMIS secondary care today. His experience includes being an active member of the clinical teams in intensive care, oncology and renal transplantation as well as chairing drug and therapeutics committees in the NHS. He continues this today by chairing committees for the National Institute of Health Research “NIHR.” This helps him bring together the differing views of wellness from the medical profession, the world of alternative medicine, and advice given to us by personal trainers, all of whom are represented in the wellbeing team. He has an ambition to increase the time we are well (our “healthspan”) by 10 years in the UK and take this approach globally to allow universal healthcare for all. He sees his job to ensure any information offered within the app has been referenced and provided to users without any agenda or bias. 


BSc Pharmacy, Manchester

MSc Pharmacokinetics, Manchester

Higher Doctorate (honorary) Health and Sustainability, Bolton University


Social Impact Investor of the Year, Barclays Entrepreneur Awards 2016. Stephen was recognised for his contribution to social impact in the North region.

Icon of the Year (North Region), Barclays Entrepreneur Awards 2018. Stephen was recognised for his contribution to sustainable business growth in the North region.


Critchlow AS, Freeborn SN, Roddie RA. "Potassium supplements during treatment of glaucoma with acetazolamide." Br Med J (Clin Res Ed). 1984 Jul 7;289(6436):21. doi: 10.1136/bmj.289.6436.21. PMID: 6428649; PMCID: PMC1442044.

Interests & Specialisms

Stephen supports youth provision in this country as a founder patron for Onside Youth Zone and a Trustee and founder Patron of Grimsby Youth Zone, as well as overseas as a founder patron for the Cerebral Palsy Society of Kenya (CPSK).

Stephen’s second degree studied the impact of genetics and lifestyle on the calculation of drug doses. He also leda lead a team that delivered a national Total Parenteral Nutrition System including electronic prescribing of IV nutrition and its robotic delivery, where he learned the fundamentals of nutrition and AI. This system continued to be used internationally. When working in Australia on projects to reduce the difference in life expectancy of the indigenous and none indigenous populations he became passionate about learning and researching the initiatives to increase health and life span. This passion is now being delivered through the work done by Evergreen Life.