Track your health and fitness goals

Whether your aim is to lose weight or monitor a condition, tracking your goals with a body measurement app could be just what you need to stay fit and healthy.

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Stay on top with a body measurement tracker

The Evergreen Life body measurement app is a tracker for fitness and health goals, allowing you to monitor weight loss progress, manage your conditions or overall wellbeing.

Get motivated

Regularly recording your numbers in the body measurement app can help highlight your progress and motivate you more.


Monitoring your goals in the body measurements app can help you understand more about your health and fitness

How to record your body measurements

Simply download the app and tap the search button at the bottom of the home screen. Type in ‘Measurements’ and you’ll see all the different body measurements you can record.

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Share your progress

You can give trusted access to your health information to those who need it.

This means you can share your body measurements with your health provider or personal trainer, so they can tailor your treatment.

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What goals can I monitor in the body measurements tracker?

Record body measurements from body fat percentage to BMI, blood glucose levels to pulse rate.

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Keep track in the app

Stay motivated and start seeing progress towards your health and fitness goals by monitoring your body measurements in the Evergreen Life app.

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