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Take the hassle out of collecting your medications through the Evergreen Life app. Order your repeat prescriptions online, set medication reminders, and get your prescriptions delivered for free to any UK address.

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Available at GP practices in England now.

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Easy app ordering

Request your prescription online for delivery from wherever you are with our 24/7 app. 

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Free, flexible delivery

Our pharmacy partners can deliver to any UK address at no extra cost.

Peace of mind

We provide NHS-assured GP services, giving you efficient and secure access to order your repeat prescriptions.

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How to order repeat prescriptions

All you need is to download the Evergreen Life app and connect to your GP services. You can connect remotely using the NHS login button - so you don’t even need to leave home. Then simply order your prescriptions to be delivered in a few taps.

For more information, here's our guide on repeat prescription delivery.

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Manage your medications in one place

When you get your prescriptions, you can also use the app to set up medication reminders, so you never miss a pill.

The NHS in your hands

Through the Evergreen Life app, you can access your other GP online services, allowing you to book appointments and download your electronic medical record. Feel more in control of your health information and start ordering your prescriptions online today.

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App screenshots showing GP online servcies