Forgetting something? Set medicine reminders in three easy steps

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Did you know the NHS spends over £16 billion on medicines? £9 billion of that expenditure comes from GP prescriptions. When medicines are forgotten or full prescriptions aren’t taken, it costs the NHS even more money, having to re-prescribe medications earlier and more frequently.

Not only does it cost a lot of money, it can cost you your health too. Forgetting to take medications can reduce the effectiveness of your treatment, and can lead to longer-term health conditions getting worse. Read on to find out how to take back control and never miss a dose.

How can I remember to take my medicines?

Setting a daily medicines reminder could be the key to stop missing those meds. It can also help you show your GP when and how frequently you’ve been taking your medication when it comes to reviewing your prescriptions with your GP, helping make more informed decisions about your care and treatment. You can keep all your medication history and set your reminders all within your Evergreen Life personal health record.

Set a medicine reminder in three steps

Setting yourself a medicine reminder couldn’t be easier. Here’s how to do it with Evergreen Life:

  1. Download the FREE Evergreen Life app

    If you haven't already, download the Evergreen Life app and create an account. It's available to download for free here.

  2. Add your medications

    Go to the 'Records' section within the app, then 'Go to Records' and 'Personal Records.' Tap on the section titled 'Medications.' Here, you can add any medications you're taking by tapping the '+ Add a new Medication' button.

    You can scan the barcode of the medication to add it quickly and you can even add photos of it. For instance, upload a photo of the packet or instructions to remind you of its details - and keep it all stored in your app. You can access the info whenever you need it and also show it to health professionals or loved ones to assist with your care.
  3. Set a medication reminder

    When you enter your dosage and the frequency, click the 'Remind me' link to set up a medication reminder. You can change the time of day and the frequency of when you want your reminder. This’ll send push notifications to your phone, so you’ll never forget your meds again. And, you can mark whether or not you took the medication – so your record is as accurate as possible.

Take control of your health

As well as get your medications sorted, you can manage many aspects of your health, fitness and wellbeing with Evergreen Life.

By accessing your GP online services in the Evergreen Life app, you can also book doctor’s appointments, order repeat prescriptions with free delivery to your door, and download your GP record. 

You can also record your own health information in the personal health record app, and keep track of helpful measurements with the body measurements tracker feature.

Your health is in your hands with the Evergreen Life app. Take control today.

Written by
Dr Brian Fisher MBBCh MBE MSc FRSA

Meet Dr Brian Fisher MBBCh MBE MSc FRSA, Clinical Director at Evergreen Life, and a Medical Expert with more than 42 years' experience as a GP.

Article updated:
May 27, 2021
Reviewed by:
Dr James Harmsworth King MBBS MPhil PhD
Biotechnology & Medical Expert