PHR: What is a personal health record?

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In this article, we take a look at how owning your Personal Health Record through the Evergreen Life health records app can help you manage your health better.

Too often, people feel 'in the dark' about their health conditions and about what healthcare options are available to them. Even for those who are well informed, many patients are frustrated going from surgery to hospital to GP practice and having to tell their story over and over again. This is because your GP, hospital and other records aren’t joined up. You may also have information that isn't recorded anywhere, such as over-the-counter medications, that you need to remember. But we can actually overcome some of these problems and begin to take more control of our health and wellbeing.

You can take more control by building and owning your a Personal Health Record (or PHR) that contains all your up-to-date health information, and also provides online access to your GP Records & Services, such as viewing test results and ordering repeat prescriptions.

What is a health record?

Health records are collections of information related to your health or care, often held by hospitals or your GP. Sometimes referred to as an electronic medical record, it should contain all the clinical information about the care you've received (medications, reactions, allergies, consultation notes, etc.). Based on this information, healthcare professionals can make decisions about your further treatment.

What is a Personal Health Record?

A Personal Health Record (PHR) is an online record owned by you that stores information about your health and care. It allows you to add and organise your lifelong health information and enables you to make appropriate parts of it available to those who need it such as loved ones and healthcare professionals.

A PHR empowers you to be more in control, being able to add to and have access to your up-to-date and accurate health information wherever you are and whenever you want. Just ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you often asked to recall parts of your medical history from memory when you meet with a doctor or a nurse? 
  • Can you remember when you were diagnosed with a condition or started a certain medication?  

The Evergreen Life PHR can also be helpful in maintaining your health and wellness, not just treating illness. It provides a wide range of health and fitness information as well as self-care tools that help you make more informed choices. Overall, your Evergreen Life PHR can motivate you in your general wellbeing and fitness goals.

5 ways the Evergreen Life Personal Health Records app will help you

  1. An accurate record in your hands
    You can record all of your medical history, conditions, vaccinations and allergies onto your own phone with our personal health records app.
  2. Medication reminders and diary
    Get helpful reminders on when to take your medication and record when you’ve taken it in the medication diary. You can record the information that your GP records don't include, such as over-the-counter medication. If you have full GP record access, your Evergreen Life app contains the most accurate picture of your health anywhere.
  3. Share with those who matter most
    If you choose, you can share your personal health record whenever you choose to with a loved one, carer, or health professional so that you can be supported in getting the best health and care.
  4. Keep track of your body measurements
    Record and monitor health stats like blood pressure, blood sugar level, visceral fat, and more in the Health & Fitness Monitor - then share this info with health providers at the touch of a button.
  5. Discover your DNA
    Learn how your genetics affect how your body reacts to diet and exercise, or how your skin responds to the sun with our DNA testing kits for diet, metabolism, fitness and skin.

Take better control of your health with the Evergreen Life app.

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January 18, 2019
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