Evergreen Life DNA Testing: As heard on BBC Radio 2!


Evergreen Life DNA Testing: As heard on BBC Radio 2!

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Earlier this month, Jeremy Vine had his genetics tested by Evergreen Life DNA as well as a BBC Radio 2 listener, Mo Taylor who is a busy mum of four, to see whether their results could help them lead a healthier life.

If you missed it, don't worry - you can listen to the discussion here:

What does knowing more about our DNA mean for our health?

If we knew we were genetically more likely to be lactose intolerant we’d know to avoid diary. If we knew we were prone to injury during exercise, we could tailor our workout to suit our unique body type. If we knew about how we metabolise caffeine, we could avoid drinking coffee too late in the day. All these things could mean getting sick less and leading healthier lives. We wouldn’t need to spend years figuring out what was wrong with us. Jeremy Vine asked: "Is this the future of medicine?"

"I wanted to take control of my own health" - Mo Taylor, BBC Radio 2 listener

Mo Taylor wanted to get a genetic testing kit to "take control of [her] own health." She'd been trying to get to the bottom of a health complaint and thought a genetic vitamin deficiency risk could play a part. Her Evergreen Life DNA results indicated a likelihood for deficiency in vitamins B6, B12 and E. Evergreen Life founder and CEO, Stephen Critchlow, commented that: "the outcome from DNA is a combination of your DNA results and the environment for you... So, if Mo was to take a supplement or eat more food with those vitamins in, she’d reduce her likelihood of being deficient in those vitamins."

"What is the impact of the environment on that complex instruction manual called your DNA?" - Stephen Critchlow, Evergreen Life CEO

Stephen added that the test is "designed so that no result is going to be concerning. Our DNA test focuses on the aspects of your life that you can take action on and have a better life."

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