Website privacy policy

Evergreen Life is the trading name for Evergreen Health Solutions Ltd (previously Ascent Health Solutions Ltd)(“Evergreen Life”, “we”, “us”, “our”).  Evergreen Health Solutions Ltd is a company registered in England and Wales with company number 09484935 and having its registered office at The Edge Business Centre, Clowes Street, Manchester, M3 5NA.

Evergreen Life is committed to respecting and protecting your privacy.

Please take time to read and digest how this Privacy Policy applies to you according to the different situations explained below and highlighted throughout this Privacy Policy:

  • As a ‘Visitor’, a visitor to this website or our social media pages (e.g. Facebook) – please see section highlighted in grey.
  • As a ‘PHR Owner‘, an individual who has set-up their own Personal Health Record in the Evergreen Life Personal Health Record mobile application (the “application“) – please see the green section.
  • As a ‘PHR Contributor’, an individual who the PHR Owner has given viewing and contribution rights over the PHR Owner’s Personal Health Record via the Share & Care feature of the application. This could, for example, be a family member, carer or loved one – please see the blue section.
  • As an ‘E-life Website User’, a visitor or registered user of, please see the section in yellow.
  • A 'DNA Customer', an individual who would like to purchase our DNA test service – please see the dark blue section. Please note that the PHR Owner section will also apply to you as you must create an account with us on our application to be able to view your DNA test results.

All other parts of this Privacy Policy apply irrespective of whether you are a website or social media visitor, PHR Owner (or registering to be one), PHR Contributor or a Responsible Person (see Young Person’s section later in this Privacy Policy) or a DNA Customer.

What data do we collect and how is it used?


If you are only a Visitor and have not subscribed to the application, then we will not usually ask you to provide any health, wellbeing or medical data.  If we do, we will make it clear to you why we are asking for it and as appropriate, seek your agreement to use it.  Please note that if you or someone on your behalf makes any public posts to message boards or social media about your health, wellbeing or medical circumstances, you will be regarded as having agreed to such publication.However, we will collect the following:·

  • Contact information, including your name and email address in the event that you register interest in using our application;
  • Any queries that you raise with us, for instance, you may submit a question by email to us about our application;
  • Any interactions that you have with us on any of our chosen social media platforms.For instance, you may decide to like our Facebook page or send us a tweet on Twitter;
  • All other information that you choose to provide us.

We may use the data that we collect about you for the following purposes:

  • Respond to your queries that you submit through our website or via any other communication medium such as email or letter;
  • Contact you about the launch of the application where you have registered an interest in hearing about this;
  • Help us to improve our website, including its content, layout and navigation;

We may use the data that we collect about you in the following ways:

  • Respond to your queries that you submit through our website or via any other communication medium such as email or letter;
  • Contact you about the launch of the application where you have registered an interest in hearing about this;
  • Help us to improve our website, including its content, layout and navigation;
  • To verify your user credentials when you attempt to login to the application.
  • Analyse user traffic and other metrics relating to the use of our website.

PHR Owner (or registering to be a PHR Owner): 

It is central to the application, except as otherwise explained in this Privacy Policy, you are in control of the features you choose, and within these features, the level of information you provide and if/who you wish to choose as a PHR Contributor.  When first registering to use the application, please read this Privacy Policy in conjunction with the explanation of the application’s features as described under the ‘Features’ link.

We will collect, create and retain the following information to set up your account and security profile, and administer and maintain your account, including for any technical updates to or technical support for the application:

  • Your basic account profile information, including your name, physical address, email address, telephone number, date of birth, and gender, along with any photos of yourself that you choose to upload; 
  • Details of any support queries that you raise about technical issues you are experiencing with the application;
  • The username and password which you use to login to the application;
  • Any other data that you choose to provide us with, other than through the usual functionality of the application.

The main categories of information that you can choose to add to your Personal Health Record, and which will, other than as set out in the general sections of this Privacy Policy, be retained by us only for this purpose and in accordance with your preferences in the Share & Care and Data Donor features, are:

  • Your physical measurements, including your height, weight, waist to hip ratio, muscle mass percentage, body fat percentage, visceral fat rating, cholesterol, blood pressure, blood glucose, pulse, peak expiratory flow rate, oxygen saturation and respiration rate;
  • Your medical history – you may include in your Personal Health Record your conditions, injuries, allergies and other health problems that you have previously suffered, including any personal medical records that are disclosed to you by your GP or other healthcare professional;
  • Any existing medical conditions, including any photos that you upload that relate to the condition;
  • Any medication that you take, including the frequency in which it needs to be taken and the medical condition that it seeks to address and any historical medications that you have taken previously;
  • Your NHS medical number;
  • The names and email address of PHR Contributor that you choose through use of our Share & Care feature;
  • Any other relevant contacts, such as the name, address and telephone number of your GP;
  • Any vaccinations details, including the name, date, location of the body you had the vaccination and any reminders for re-vaccinations and boosters along with any notes or photographs you may have recorded;
  • Any documents or letters you upload, including appointment letters, referral letters, reports, results or any other document you have chosen to upload;
  • Share and Care feature – other than your name, profile picture, the first line of your address and your next of kin, people you have shared your Personal Health Record with via the Share & Care feature will not be able to see or access your account and security information.  You can at all times edit any information that they add to your Personal Health Record;
  • Any updates through the Share & Care feature, that you or any person you choose to make to any of the above information.

Data Sharing

Entirely at your choice (please select your choices on the ‘Data Sharing’ page of the Application) we can create a profile based on the overall specific feature use and medical history, conditions, symptoms, treatment, medications, measurements, health goals, achievements and concerns, referred to within your Personal Health Record, for use (but only where we consider that these compliment, interface or align with or are relevant to, your use of the Application), as follows:

  • To tell you about other mobile apps, or devices, products and services relating to the management, measurement, monitoring, diagnostics, testing and care of the relevant health or medical condition or stated wellbeing.  They may be those of Evergreen Life itself, its affiliate companies within the Evergreen Life group of companies, or third parties selected by Evergreen Life – will never provide them with your Account information or Personal Health Record, we will merely direct you, by way of notification to the device against which the Application is registered, or email or SMS to the email address/ mobile number we have for you, to the relevant website, for example by way of hyperlink.  Your visit will be according to the terms and conditions and privacy policy for their website so please read these carefully as soon as you arrive at their website.
  • To send you articles, papers, developments and studies of health organisations, professionals, practitioners, academics and researchers.  Again, won’t provide your personal details, we will merely direct you or provide a link to the relevant website.

Data Donor

You may also choose to donate information carefully selected from your Personal Health Record for important clinical research programmes aimed at helping to save lives and improve health. Evergreen Life shares the NHS ethos that contributing health information to such programmes can help achieve improved care and health research for all, including future generations.  The information we would provide (‘Donated Data’) would:

  • Be limited only to those specific data or data fields within your Personal Health Record that demonstrate the required attributes for the particular research programme in question (ie not a disclosure of your Personal Health Record in its entirety other than in the exceptional circumstances that the whole Personal Health Record aligned to the research objective in question)
  • Have your name and address (but not your postcode) removed – whilst we would envisage that re-identification of or specific linkage to you as the Data Donor is unlikely, we cannot guarantee that this would not happen – see safeguards referred to below.
  • Only be used for carefully selected important clinical research programmes run by health professionals and health researchers in accredited Universities who are subject to appropriate data sharing agreements containing the following safeguards for the Donated Data:
  • The clinical research programme to have a clear identified health benefit or goal
  • Donated Data not be used to support measures or decisions with respect to the Data Donor
  • Not be processed in such a way that would be likely to cause substantial damage or substantial distress to the Data Donor
  • Results of the research or resulting statistics not be made available in a form which identifies the Data Donor
  • Not used in any way with the intention of re-identifying the Data Donor

GP Access

You may also choose to view certain of your medical records held by your General Practice or doctor’s surgery (“GP”). You can do this through the “GP Access” panel of the application. We will need to store the following additional information about you so that you can access this feature:

  • your GP practice’s ODS code
  • your Account ID (provided by your GP practice); and
  • your GP “Linkage Key” (again, provided by your GP practice).

We will also need to store a copy of your GP record so that you can instantly view the last synced version of your GP record when you next log into the GP Access feature. We will not use this stored copy of your GP record for any other purpose without your explicit permission.

We take the storing of this information very seriously; you can expect this information to be as secure as a password. We will not store any other information about you from the GP Access feature.

Your GP will not receive any of your information entered into your Personal Health Record except for:

  • ‍the fact that you are using the application; and
  • where you use the GP Access feature to carry out the following direct interactions (where available):
  • ordering repeat prescriptions;
  • booking an appointment/consultation; and
  • sending messages to your GP practice.

Please note, where you choose to donate your information, your GP record may be included in the Donated Data. For more information on how this information is used, please see the Data Donor section.

Young Persons

The application is only available to young persons under the age of 13 years (‘Young Persons’) with the consent of a person with parental responsibility for them (‘the Responsible Person’).  We would encourage the Personal Health Record to be set up in the Young Person’s name with the Responsible Person chosen as their PHR Contributor via the Share & Care feature – this is to help transition of their Personal Health Record when the Young Person reaches the age of 13.


By creating an account within the application as a PHR Owner, you are acknowledging that you have read this Privacy Policy and you are agreeing as follows:

  • To the use, storage and sharing of information recorded in your Personal Health Record according to this Privacy Policy
  • To the use, storage and sharing of information recorded in your Personal Health Record in accordance with any options you have chosen under the Share & Care and Data Donor features of the application.

By accepting the PHR Owner’s request to be a PHR Contributor you are agreeing to the use of your email address and PHR Contributor entries on the PHR Owner’s Personal Health Record as detailed in the Privacy Policy including in the ‘PHR Contributor’Section highlighted in blue.

By creating an account within the application on behalf of a Young Person, you are agreeing that you are the Responsible Person for that Young Person and will take the necessary steps upon the Young Person reaching 13 years old, to enable the Young Person to take over their Personal Health Record, and Share & Care and Data Donor choices.

PHR Contributor:

The email address provided for you by the PHR Owner through the Share & Care feature, and any information that you record in the PHR Owner’s Personal Health Record (as updated or edited by you and/or the PHR Owner) will be stored, used and disclosed for the purpose of administering your PHR Contributor rights and in accordance with the general provisions of this Privacy Policy.

DNA Customers:

Where you purchase our DNA test service from us, we will need to collect the following information from you:

  • your personal details, including your name and date of birth;
  • contact information, including your email address and delivery address;
  • any queries that you raise with us, for instance, you may submit a question by email to us about the DNA test;
  • any interactions that you have with us on any of our chosen social media platforms. For instance, you may decide to like our Facebook page or send us a tweet on Twitter;
  • all other information that you choose to provide us.

Our third party payment provider will need to collect your payment details in order to process your order for us.

In order to carry out the DNA testing, we will also need to collect your DNA sample, this is in the form of a cheek cell sample (“DNA Sample”).

We will receive and store your DNA test results, all related correspondence, materials and information from our third-party testing laboratory.

We will only use the data that we collect about you for the following purposes and in accordance with your PHR preferences:

  • to deliver the DNA test kit to you, so that your DNA Sample can be collected;
  • to perform the DNA test, our third-party laboratory will perform the test on the DNA Sample which you have provided to us;
  • to analyse your DNA test result, we will review the results received from our third-party laboratory so that we can provide you with a report on your DNA;
  • to contact you about your DNA test, we will contact you once your results are ready to view on your Personal Health Record, or if there is a problem with your DNA test, or if we have further information about your order or DNA test results;
  • to respond to your queries that you submit through our website or via any other communication medium such as email or letter regarding your DNA test;
  • to contact you about new DNA test services or similar services;
  • to help us to improve our website and/or application, including its content, layout and navigation;
  • to verify your user credentials when you attempt to login to the application;
  • to analyse user traffic and other metrics relating to the use of our website and/or application.

Please also see our “Data Donor”, “Data Sharing” and “Share & Care” of the PHR Owner above to see how we may use your DNA test results in accordance with your preferences.

We will not use your DNA related information for any other purpose without your explicit consent.

Handling, storage and destruction of your DNA related information

As explained in the “General information about how your personal information will be treated” section, we impose appropriate obligations to protect the security and privacy of your information where we use third-party providers.

Your DNA Sample will be sent to our third party testing laboratory so that they can perform the DNA test. Your DNA Sample will be stored by our third party testing laboratory.

Once the DNA test has been performed, any remaining DNA Sample will only be stored for one (1) month by the third party testing laboratory before it is securely destroyed. You can request for the destruction of your DNA Sample at any time. However, please note that:

  • where the DNA test has not been performed, we will not be able to fulfil your order;
  • where your DNA test has been performed and you have a query, we may not be able to answer all of your queries as we may no longer have all the information required to formulate a response to you.

E-Life Website User

This section applies to visitors to or registered users of the Website (“The e-life website”).

By using the e-life website you can view information held by your GP which relates to you. If you have any questions about this information, or you think any of it is wrong, contact your GP.

If you use this website to update your personal information or contact your GP, please check carefully the information you enter and make sure it is correct.

The privacy of your information is very important. Your information is securely held by your GP, and information visible through this website is protected by industry-standard security techniques.

Your access details are personal to you and are used by your GP and it's service providers who operate this website, in order to identify you. None of the information that you provide to access this service is given to any third parties.

What information do we collect (and how do we use it?)

  • When signing up to the e-life website we ask for a few details to help us verify your identity by cross-checking the records kept at your surgery. We do not keep an independent record of these details. We keep a copy of your name and email address to allow us to communicate with you. We do not keep a copy of your Date of Birth, NHS Number, or any other data you enter during the signup process.
  • We automatically receive and record information from your browser including your IP address.

How do we protect your information?

  • Your account is password protected with strong encryption (we do not have access to your password).
  • Your account may be linked to your GP practice – we do not have access to this link if you have not entered your password.
  • All transfers of information are encrypted to protect the information transfer.

General information about how your personal information will be treated

Other than as explained above, we only generally collect, use and share your personal details obtained through your use of the website or the application (including in your Personal Health Record), as follows:

  • Certain information through the use of cookies that are automatically stored on your device when you visit our website and as further detailed in our Cookie Policy;
  • Our third party service providers who help us to provide the application and website to you – we will impose appropriate obligations to protect the security and privacy of your information;
  • Our professional advisors including our lawyers and accountants (and those of any prospective purchasers of our business – see below) when required for them to provide us (or prospective purchasers of our business) with professional advice – we will impose appropriate obligations to protect the security and privacy of your information;
  • The police, local authorities, Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC), the courts and any other government or regulatory authority based in any jurisdiction if they ask us to do so or if we wish to provide it because we think it appropriate to protect our business, staff, premises and users, or if we are obliged to do so, such as by court order;
  • Where we re-organise, re-structure, sell or transfer our business we will transfer your personal information, including that recorded in your Personal Health Record (according to your choices under the Share & Care and Data Donor features), to the new incumbent of the business for them to continue to use it in the same ways as we have prior to the transfer.

International transfers of your information

Information submitted through the website and the application is stored in secure servers and data centres.  These servers or data centres are usually located within the countries that have EU standards for the protection of your personal information is always treated and stored securely.  We, or the suppliers and advisers we engage to help us run and deliver our business, may have servers or data centres located outside the EU in which your personal information including that within your Personal Health Record, for example in the US or in cloud-based solutions.  Naturally, we expect our suppliers to take information security as seriously as we do so we will put appropriate measures in place requiring suppliers to treat the information to EU standards for the protection of your personal information.  Even so, any transfer of information to other countries in this way could result in that information being available to the government and other authorities in those countries under their laws.

Updates to this privacy policy

We regularly review the ways we use your information, and in doing so, we may change what kind of information we collect, how we store it, who we share it with and how we act on it.

Consequently, we may need to change this privacy policy from time to time so please check the privacy policy when returning to this site.  If we have already captured or you have already provided your information through the website or the application, we will notify you of those changes and where appropriate provide for you to review your preferences accordingly.


We understand that the security of your personal data is important to you. We will help keep your Personal data safe, secure and private. We use the following measures:

  • Your Personal Health Record is password protected to prevent unauthorised access by anyone else.
  • The data that is entered, transmitted and stored is encrypted to prevent any unauthorised use of the data.
  • technical and physical restrictions are in place for accessing and using personal data on our servers, and
  • only authorised personnel are permitted to access personal data in the course of their work.

We need your help to ensure that your personal data stays secure. Where we have provided you with an access code or link, or where you have chosen a password that enables to access certain features on our website or our application, you are responsible for keeping these codes, links and/or passwords confidential. We ask you not to share such codes, links and/or passwords with anyone.

The electronic transmission of data over the internet is never completely secure but we endeavour to make the service as secure as possible and provide a high level of security for your personal healthcare information.

Access to information

The UK Data Protection Act 1998 gives you the right to ask if we hold your personal information and subject to certain exceptions, to be provided with a copy of it.  We may request the statutory fee of £10 for this.  Please use our address as shown at the top of this privacy policy or email us at if you wish to make a request or to request correction of any of your personal details that you consider we hold and are inaccurate.  Please remember that you control what information you and anyone give sharing rights to, is recorded in your Personal Health Record.  It is not, therefore, intended that we review or verify the accuracy of any of this information.

We are the ‘data controller’ for the data that we process in accordance with this privacy policy. This term is a legal phrase used to describe a person or entity that controls the way data is used and processed.

We are registered under the Data Protection Act 1998 with the Information Commissioner’s Office (the UK data protection regulatory). Our registration number is ZA119460 and can be viewed online at  You can also use access guidance and information about your data protection rights on this website.

You can make a complaint to the ICO at any time about the way we use your information. However, we hope that you would first consider raising with us any issue or complaint you have about how we handle your personal information.  Your trust is extremely important to us, and we will always do our very best to promptly resolve any problems you may have in this regard.