Our policies

Our charter

At Evergreen, we are dedicated to improving health and wellbeing for all. That means access to information, services, and your own health data whenever you need it.

We believe that each person’s health data is theirs to control, and should not be taken or used without their consent. We believe that sharing your health data with clinicians is the way to get the best care; but that it should be up to each person to decide. We believe that health data can give great benefits to research for new drugs and treatments but that it’s up to each person to decide if they want their personal data to be used in that way. We believe that the human touch is important, which is why we have a Customer Support Team based in our Manchester office – so if you get stuck, you can talk to a real person at the end of the phone, by email or live chat (our contact details are at the bottom).

Our Services

The Evergreen Life app helps you to take control of your medical record, giving you the ability to book GP appointments, order repeat prescriptions, view test results, and if you want, share this information with trusted carers, health professionals and your loved ones. With the app’s wellness functionality, you’ll also be able to find out if you’re doing all you can to stay well.

The first step is to score your own wellness in the app, starting with questionnaires that we call Wellness Checks. The questions are referenced and reviewed by our team of clinical Wellness Experts, combining knowledge from medical professionals, alternative medicine approaches, and personal trainers. Over time, we’ll be able to suggest changes to improve your wellness which will help you understand what may be causing you to feel unwell and to know what specifically works for you.

To unlock your Wellness Score, we ask that you share your data anonymously with us to allow us to offer you personalised responses and to power the recommendations we make to you and to people like you.

We’re not your typical app – all of this comes free of charge. We don’t use any advertising (companies can’t pay us to appear in our app), nor subscriptions (no charge is ever made for using the app).

If we feel that you could benefit from a product or a service to improve your health, we may suggest helpful products or services. If you choose to purchase any of them, it could generate a payment to us. The details vary – sometimes the payment is per click, per person or per product purchased. We’ll always be transparent about payments we receive in this way and money will never impact the advice, information or guidance we offer.

We may also ask you to rate the things we suggest in order for us to explain what worked well and what didn’t on your wellbeing journey.

Some questions you might have:

Who owns my data?

You own your data, you’re in control of it. Your data is about you. You can use it as you see fit. Your data is yours to do with as you wish. We, as the data controller, hold it for you and enable you to use it as and when you want to. We might be stating the obvious, but if you add things into your app, this data is also about you. This would cover any data you input or download about your health from whatever sources; your GP record, your devices, wearables, health data, location data, etc; it’s all yours.

What can I do with my data?

You can share your data with who you like, when you like. The simplest way to do this is by showing someone your app. We provide the ability for you to give ‘Trusted Access’ via the app to carers, health professionals and your loved ones or anyone you choose. If you share your data using ‘Trusted Access’, we’ll record who you share it with and make sure that you can turn this sharing on and off at any time.

What can Evergreen do with my data?

Firstly, and most importantly, we will NOT give or sell your personal data to other organisations without your explicit consent. We may use your profile and account data, but not your health data, to help administer your account, for example if you contact our support desk. If you sign up for NHS GP or other third-party services, we will obviously pass them the data they need to provide you with that service, and may bring data from them into your Evergreen account. For example, if you ask for your GP record, we will get it from the GP for you, and store a copy so that you can access it at any time. We will always be clear about what personal data is being sent where, and by whom and ensure it is being used in your interest and the interest of the wider population. We may use findings from the analysis of your anonymous health data to inform our users, research, health services, or industry partners, of our conclusions; this will never be at a level which could identify you or any individual without explicit permission.

What is a Wellness Score?

The Evergreen Life Wellness Score indicates how well you currently are, scored out of a total of 100. It lets you know if you might need to change an aspect of your health or wellbeing, with the aim to become as well as you can be based on the information in your app. If your score is 100, it means you’re doing everything you can do, from the information we have so far, to be as well as you can be. As time goes by, we’ll help you form a fuller picture of your health and wellbeing by introducing new questionnaires and information. We’ve used referenced questionnaires from various academic professionals and research organisations, as well as our own questionnaires based on reviewed clinical research. When reading information about how to improve your health you will see the references that we’ve used to offer this information.

What is wellness anyway?

Our scoring method is all about helping you understand what Wellness Experts would advise to avoid ill health and long-term conditions. If you already have long-term conditions, this advice may help you minimise your symptoms, possibly even reversing them. We do this by sharing advice with you from different Wellness Experts, with the references they’ve used. We often present this as a questionnaire, which is scored, to help you highlight things you could do to improve your wellbeing. Improving the score could result in you living longer but our main focus is helping you understand how to have a healthy and happy life for as long as possible, free from illness.

How and where do we store your data?

Safely! We take data security incredibly seriously. All your data is secured and encrypted in the EU. In the future we may change where we store your data, but it will always be stored subject to data protection legislation in an appropriate jurisdiction within a country that has a reciprocity agreement in place with UK. It is encrypted at rest and in transit.

How long will we store your data for?

We think your information is really important and needs to be kept safe, we will therefore keep it indefinitely for you, unless you tell us otherwise.

Who are we?

We are a team of passionate health and wellbeing experts and developers based in Manchester. Evergreen Life is the trading name for Evergreen Health Solutions Ltd. We are a company registered in England and Wales with company number 09484935 and we have our registered office at Evergreen House, Clowes Street, Manchester, M3 5NA. Our e-mail address if you want to email us is [email protected] and our phone number is 0161 768 6063 if you prefer to chat. We’re available Monday to Friday, 9AM – 12PM and 1PM – 5PM, except bank holidays. Our VAT number is 211 8388 18.