Digitise your letters and documents

Go paperless with
your health

If you struggle to find appointment letters or your health information is difficult to manage, storing all your documents in one app can make it much easier to organise your care. Take control today.

What letters and documents can I record in the app?

You can store any kind of document or letter that relates to your health, fitness or wellbeing within the app, whether it’s an NHS appointment letter, GP referral letter or health insurance for your next holiday.

Why store documents digitally?

Keep track
Connect each document to a condition or medication you’re already monitoring, making it easier to stay on top of your health.
Lose the paper trail
No more lost appointment letters or piles of documents taking up space. Keep everything clear and right where you need it most - in your phone!
Coordinated care
Got documents from various sources? Keep everything together and categorised, so you can easily pass information from doctor to doctor.

How do I store documents and letters in the app?

Once you’ve downloaded the Evergreen Life app, you can store as many health documents and letters as you want. To add a document, simply:
  • Take a photo of your document
  • Upload the photo within your app
  • Fill in the document information so that you can fully organise your health

How can I categorise my documents and letters?

In the Evergreen Life app, you can add all the supporting information about your health documents and letters, including:
  • Type, or name to help you identify the document later
  • Date of issue
  • Which health provider issued the document
  • Additional note

Share your health documents

To keep everyone up to speed with your health, you can securely share your health documents and letters with your family, GP, or anyone involved in your care by using trusted access. Choose exactly what you want to share within the document privacy settings.

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