Own your complete vaccination and immunisation history

Set your vaccination record straight

Remembering what vaccines you need can be a pain in the arm. But owning an accurate vaccination record in the Evergreen Life app can help you manage your immunisations and set vaccination reminders.

Check your vaccination records

By accessing your Electronic Health Record (EHR), you can check all previous vaccinations administered by your GP. From flu jabs to childhood vaccinations, the wellness app allows you to store all your health information in one place.

Update your vaccination records

You might’ve got a vaccination from a travel clinic or hospital. These won’t appear in your GP history, so you can add them into your Evergreen Life app to keep your records accurate and up-to-date.

Travel vaccination history

If you’re travelling abroad, you can check your vaccination history in the Evergreen Life app to see if you have all the jabs you need. And if you fall ill whilst on holiday, you can show medical staff your vaccination record to ensure you get the best treatment.

Set vaccination reminders

If you have young children, vaccination reminders can help you prepare for all the important immunisations they’ll need when growing up. Or maybe you want an annual flu jab alert. Simply set up a reminder within the app and you’re good to go.

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