Gain access to your medical records online

Healthcare in the UK is on the move – now you can access your own medical records online from the palm of your hand. Your practice can offer you a range of GP online services including:

3 steps to access your medical records online

Taking control of your GP record is simple. Here's our simple three-step guide to accessing GP online services:

  1. Ask your GP surgery for a letter - don't forget your ID!
  2. Download the Evergreen Life app or create an account on the website
  3. Link your account to your GP

Already got your GP letter? Here's our step-by-step guide to linking your account to your GP record on the app or website.

Access denied

Recently there have been reports of GP practices refusing (or demanding payment for) patient access to personal health data. GP practices have a contract with the NHS to allow patients to see key sections of their GP record, including a list of their health problems, allergies, vaccinations, and medications – as well as their test results. And all 100% free of charge!

It is, in fact, possible for you to see more data than this, including your letters and the details of the consultations you’ve had with your GP and any other medical staff. Ultimately, the more you see, the better informed you are, saving both you and the practice time and work. To make all the different services available to you with Evergreen Life, make sure to ask your surgery for 'full record access.'

Let’s get everyone on board

An Evergreen Life user spoke to us about this disappointing experience with his GP practice when seeking access to his data. Here’s what he had to say:

“Having booked to see my doctor through GP online services to discuss a blood test result, I was found to have a high iron count. Wanting to ensure that this test wasn’t an anomaly it was suggested I book in a second test. I booked to see the same GP online, which was great as I had consistency and he was aware of my case.

As the results still showed a high iron count, I was told I required a referral to a Haematologist at my local hospital, and that I would receive an appointment letter in due course. At this point, I really wanted to be given access to my record so that should I need to chase up the appointment with the hospital, I could have to hand all of the correspondence and feel confident discussing it with the haematology department.

My GP was unaware of how he could share my record with me, and of any reasons why he, and his practice, should be sharing patient’s data with them!”

Unfortunately for our friend, the GP wasn’t aware of how easy it is to share health records with patients. Let’s hope the GP is now more informed and is encouraging other patients to take control of their own health records.

If you find that your practice is reluctant to offer you the online services to which you are entitled, talk to them, write to them, email them. Tell your GP or nurse when you go there next. 

Take back control – it’s your data. It’s your healthcare.

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