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PHR: What is a Personal Health Record?

Too often, people feel ‘in the dark’ about their overall wellbeing and health conditions. It can be hard to remember personal and medical details off the top of your head. What’s the name of that over the counter medication you’re taking? When was your last tetanus jab? Even things as simple as what your BMI is.

What’s more, even the people you’d think should have all your medical history at their fingertips often don’t. Many patients become frustrated going from surgery to hospital to GP practice and having to tell their story over and over again. This is because your GP, hospital and other records aren’t joined up.

So what’s the answer? Well, put simply– it’s you! You are the key to unlocking and controlling your health data and the Evergreen Life Personal health record is the tool that can help you do that.

Here’s how!

How the Evergreen Life Personal Health record works

The Evergreen Life app allows you to store your NHS record, alongside even more detailed information that you add and curate to create an up to date personal health record, that you control.

Access to your GP record

First, we recommend you link to your GP so you can access your health record directly from the app. Your GP record should contain clinical information about the medical care you’ve received. That might be immunisations, medications, allergies and if your GP has allowed access, consultation notes. It might also have letters about any hospital care you may have received. There are so many benefits to having access to this record via the Evergreen app. Let’s say you arrive at A&E, seeking treatment:they may have access only to a brief summary of your record. So, it makes sense for YOU to have direct access to the details so YOU can share it with the relevant clinicians. You might choose to share what medications you’re taking so they can prescribe appropriately, avoiding any allergies described on your record. Or help them understand more about a long term condition you’re dealing with. As well as this, by linking, you’ll also be able to access GP services from the palm of your hand. That’s things like booking appointments if your GP has enabled that function and ordering repeat prescriptions. Doing all this via your smart phone rather than through phone calls also saves you and your surgery time.

PHR. The most comprehensive health record there is

But accessing your GP record is only part of your Evergreen personal health record or PHR. The PHR allows you to add even more information about your health and wellbeing so you have a truly comprehensive and up to date picture.

Here are 5 ways the Evergreen Life Personal Health Record will help you

1. An accurate record in your hands

You can record all of your medical history, conditions, vaccinations and allergies onto your own phone with our personal health records app. This might be recording any over the counter medications or supplements you are taking or noting any allergies you are dealing with, that you haven’t talked to your GP about.

2. Medication reminders and diary

Get helpful reminders on when to take your medication and record when you’ve taken it in the medication diary. And if you’re GP linked, when your meds are loaded into your PHR from the GP record, it checks whether you’re taking them correctly or have stopped them so you can talk to your GP if things have changed.

3. Documents and letters

You hold many documents that your GP does not: private vaccinations, health insurance, European health card (or its new equivalent), some letters, maybe an advance directive or living will. They can all be easily stored in your Evergreen Life PHR.

4. Share with those who matter most

If you choose, you can share your personal health record with a loved one, carer, or health professional, as long as they have an Evergreen account, so that you can be supported in getting the best health and care.

5. Keep track of your body measurements

Record and monitor health stats like blood pressure, blood sugar level, and BMI then share this info with health providers at the touch of a button.

And of course along with the Evergreen Life PHR are the all benefits of the app itself, where you can take questionnaires to shed more light on your overall wellness. You’ll benefit from personalised advice and tips to help you make more informed choices and stay well for longer.

Take better control of your health with the Evergreen Life app.

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