Four easy mindfulness routines

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Most of us have days where there’s only enough time to get dressed, eat, go to work and try to fit in a bit of family time. Who has the time to stop and smell the roses? And most importantly, where’s the time to take care of our mental well-being? With so many things such as technology and work vying for our time, it isn’t hard to see how 1 in 4 of us in the UK struggle with our mental health. It’s often difficult to check in with our own minds, to make sure if we’re okay – especially in a full-time working week if you’ve got kids or other commitments.

What is mindfulness?

You may have heard of something called ‘mindfulness,’ which seems to be one of the latest ‘buzz’ terms – but that’s not to say it’s any less trivial. Mindfulness is a technique to help us know exactly what is going on inside and outside ourselves, to help us focus on the ‘now’ and worry less about the past or future events. Nowadays, people are increasingly turning to mindfulness techniques to enhance their mental well-being during hectic schedules. Our lovely friends at Thrive (an app for managing mental health) have got some great tips for daily mindfulness routines:

Four easy routines for mindfulness


Once awake, instead of jumping out of bed or reaching for your phone. Stop. Take a breath. Check in with your body. And, then proceed. This sets you up to be more calm and steady during the more challenging moments of the day.


When travelling to and from work, it’s common for our minds to dwell on the upcoming prospects of the day or obsess over the day’s previous events - thinking about what could go wrong, or what could’ve been done better. But this isn’t always helpful. Practising mindfulness during the commute can help you feel more refreshed to tackle the day or evening ahead. For example, on the way home, it doesn’t pay to rush. See if you can relax, drive slower, and play some soothing music.

At work

Increase your productivity by focusing your energy on just one activity at a time, rather than flicking between many tasks. Micro-breaks are critical just to keep you from going into auto-pilot, which can lead to exhaustion and negativity. Also, practising short breathing meditations throughout the day is a great way to take a break. Check out some videos of chair yoga on YouTube to see how you can practise mindful movements without drawing too much attention to yourself in the office!

Before bed

We all know the importance of a good night’s sleep. But many of us can’t shut off properly in the evenings, leading to restlessness and anxiety. Basically, the key to the perfect shut-eye is all about winding down an hour before bedtime. Switch off phones, TVs and computer screens. Can you reflect on what was positive about the day? Take time to jot down your daily thoughts, things to be grateful for, a list of what you’re looking forward to, perhaps in a little journal. 

Mental well-being apps

Maintaining good mental well-being is not always easy – and an alarming 76% of people with a mental health condition will never seek professional help. If you had a physical illness, you’d seek treatment or go to the doctor. Mental health needs to be viewed in the same way. That’s why easy-to-use, convenient mental health apps are increasingly helping people manage and treat their mental health from the palm of their hands. We’ve partnered with one called Thrive…

Thrive: Feel Stress Free

The mental health app, ‘Thrive: Feel Stress-Free’ can help detect, prevent and manage common mental health conditions, using clinically proven techniques (such as CBT and mindfulness techniques). Thrive uses effective methods, which are used in everyday therapy, to help build resilience to stress, anxiety and mild depression.

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February 5, 2018
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